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'new in box' what I got was stuck in an envelope without box!
When the bargain-depot04 printer arrived it was trash
This guy is scum and should NOT be on eBay
I didn't know the guy was a CROOK!
I want to see this person shutdown for good and others like him as well

"in orig box." plate was covered with burnt residue, the plastic casing was not only cracked but large piece missing

I am so pissed. I just received negative feedback from this f@#$%^&*
and I fully followed through on my end of the deal. The printer that I received is thrashed

Take a look


Doesn't answer emails if the price isn't right. Then he leaves you with a strike.
Not all software as stated bad description WOULD NEVER DO BUSINESS AGAIN!
Hey you never sent the activacation code so we cant play the game !
The CD-key didn't work. I'm SOL. Buying from this seller is a gamble.
CDkey invalid. Worthless.
Came quickly, but the cd key was used making it useless .
Doesnt answer emails Bad products the cd was scratched!!
Bought 5 games only 1 worked rest has errors please do not buy from them
Sold me a used (useless) online game described as "brand new" DO NOT BUY!!!
Sent non working installation disc would not send replacement or refund.
Be carefull, came complete but reg code already reg, game worthless.
Never got item, wont refund money because it's under 25.00!
Did not return my emails. Picture in auction posting not the item I received.
Disapointed! sell defective product & won't exchange for working item STAY AWAY!
Sent me a bad disk and would not replace. Be prepared to get burned if you buy.
Didn't work. Its a crap shoot.
CDKey they gave invalid, sel. said wont help me NEVER BUY from him to big a risk.
CD Key is invalid so cant instal game,Response from seller was "tough luck".
4 of 5 disks UNREADABLE wont refund Sells Bad Returned Software as new/open box.


This site has not been active since 2006. If you would like to send information to the owner please use the contact page.

Keep in mind that most eBay sellers are honest and an asset to the online auction site. Other sellers seem to have a perfect money making scheme. They keep selling & EBay (and other auction sites) look the other way. The amount of the transaction does not warrant the attention of the auction site or the civil authorities. However, we feel that the losses multiplied by 100,000+ buyers is too significant to ignore.

What eBay Says About Fraud & Scams: EBay pledges to work with our Community members to help ensure a safe trading environment. Most issues can usually be resolved through communicating directly with the other eBay members involved in the transaction. EBay recommends the following steps:

  1. Check The Item Listing
  2. E-mail the Seller
  3. Check your email spam filters for messages from the seller.
  4. Check your own contact information.
  5. Call your seller
  6. Go to PayPal
  7. Use eBay's Item Not Received or Significantly Not as Described process.
  8. Contact your credit card company.
  9. File a protection claim.

eBay urges buyers and sellers to use both email and the telephone to contact one another to resolve any issues that may arise. You can get the phone number for your trading partner by going to Find Contact Information under Advanced Search. Most issues can be resolved through direct communication between buyers and sellers.

What FeeBay.org Says About Fraud: eBay pledges to look the other way, while it is convenient for them and not Community members, to help ensure a money making environment for eBay.

With over 135+ (135+ worldwide / 95+ in  USA) million registered members, some are expendable as "Collateral Damage". eBay is so large that today no other auction company can come close to affecting their world.  So large, they don't have time to dance with the one that brought them.   This has caused them to become the School Bully; stealing milk money from unsuspecting buyers. Some issues can not be resolved through communicating directly with the other eBay members. The seller knowingly posted the scam auction as a scam in the first place. They have a recording on their telephone and are hiding behind double talk, misleading descriptions, typical photos & outright lies. Since Power Sellers pay large monthly seller fees to auction sites, these auction sites will usually take the side of the money. Feebay Dot Org recommends the following steps:

  1. "Check The Item Listing" Yes, make sure you know how to spell NIB, 100%, Works Great, Buy of a Lifetime, None Better, Great Buy.
  2. "E-mail the Seller" Fraud sellers will not respond or they will refer you to a lame description on the auction page. They will do what they can to frustrate you, knowing that eventually you will go away. After all, you're not going to sue them for a under $100 purchase. E-mailing seller is usually an action buyers have already taken.
  3. "Check your email spam filters for messages from the seller." Yeah, Right! It's all my fault.
  4. "Check your own contact information."
    Is eBay saying, "You fool"?
  5. "Call your seller." A lot of good that will do. They don't answer the phone or have a recording, will continue to frustrate the buyer with "He's not in right now., Would you like to leave a message." Ebay doesn't get it! The Seller is hiding from the SCAM!
  6. Don't leave Non-Positive FB, if you fear retaliatory FB, for sure. They leave FB ment to embarrass you in front of the Community.
  7. "Go to PayPal." A waste of time but PayPal feels good about it. However, most of these sites have their own credit card processing site.
  8. "Use eBay's Item Not Received or Significantly Not as Described" process. This is a lot of double talk & more fees; $29.95. eBay will selectively enforce their own posted policy. It might be a real waste time. They use the word "Sorry" a lot, they imply "You're Screwed" a lot.  Feebay Dot Org can help in this area.  Contact us using our contact form.
  9. "Contact your credit card company." This is your best bet. They are not connected with eBay at all, and responsible, somewhat, to the buyer but they like the merchant accounts also. Use: "Item shipped is not the item purchased."
  10. "File a protection claim with eBay." Biased, but if you fit the exact model you may have some luck but not with small dollar auctions. Because you don't count in eBay's book.
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